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Our Vision

Founded in 2021 by Talal, the Backyard Brussels officially opened its doors as both an event space and a cultural center to welcome all those seeking authentic dance, culture, and live music. Because we believe profoundly in quality, authenticity, and having a simply good time, our music is brought to you by some of the most talented DJs, our live music bands feature long-standing professional latin artists, and our courses are taught by world-renowned dancers from all across Europe.



Our method of instruction focuses on providing individual feedback and the mastery of fundamental techniques and styling, empowering dancers to properly progress to advanced levels–both in the technical and artistic sense.



  • weekly courses and practicas in salsa, bachata, and kizomba

  • monthly salsa live socials featuring latin live music, with performances by international artists



We believe that dance and music are a form of art to be experienced in its finest form- hence why live latin music is central to our core events, and we invite the most talented and experienced artists throughout Europe for performances, instruction, DJ-ing, and live music. We host monthly salsa and bachata events, and plan to include additional cultural events in the near future.

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